What if …

What if my only ambition in life were to just be a good person, a kind person to whomever I meet and what  if that was my life long goal since ever; would I still have value?  We humans only seem to value those that have outward achievements like  climbing Mt. Everest, running 100 miles in a race, becoming famous performers or having lots of stuff.

Permit me to reveal

Permit me to reveal and go back a bit. Since I can remember others wanted me to achieve great outward things, such as, being a great pianist or being a great dancer. What many didn’t see is that my outward achievements meant nothing to me. I just wanted to be happy. I grew up working poor and in an extremely harmful and at times dangerous enviroment of New York’s Harlem at the height of it’s crack cocaine invasion of the 1970’s. From early childhood to my early adult life, it was a barrage of sexual, physical and verbal assault. My outward talents literally just kept me sane, alive and connected to my being and that was more than enough for me – I was happy; I was surviving.  I can tell many see me as a failure because I didn’t “make it” as a famous pianist or dancer long term. Because certain people cared about me only “making it”, no one cared to ask if I was happy. I was, but again only outward achievements are valued. I was happy to physically and emotionally survive my surrounding through the arts. I still just want to be happy, to be a good person. I don’t need to be famous to see who I am. I am happy with my everyday life. I am happy with my uncomplicated plain life. Again I ask, why do human beings only give significance or see others when they have lots of stuff, money or have conquered some extreme and zealous feat? Why can’t we be interested and attentive with the  well being and happiness of others?

This year

This year just resolve to be concerned with your happiness. Don’t change something about yourself so others can see you. Resolve to be concerned with the happiness of others. See people for who they are and not what you think they should be. See yourself, be happy with you, love you! And you know what, I see YOU!